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Rates & Services:

When asking for a quote, please provide us with the year, make & model of your vehicle & equipment to be installed. In order for us to provide you with better service, please leave your phone number so we may contact you with any questions we may have about your install.


  • Hourly Rate: $35.00 per hour

  • Head Unit (Deck) Labor: $35.00 for simple install. 

Additional charges, if required for vehicle re - wire, wire repairs or etc.

  • Speaker Install: $35.00 & up per pair of speakers, in factory locations. 

  • I - Pod Cables: $10.00 (Installed in the glove box or the center console)

  • I - Pod Adapter Install: $10.00 for direct connect, $15.00 & up for I - Pod Interfaces or to add on to factory radio.

  • Steering Wheel Control's: $35.00 (At time of H/U Install)

  • Component Speaker Install: $85.00 per pair, in factory locations.

  • 2 Channel / Mono Amp Install: $85.00 (Wire Kit not included, sold separately)

  • 4 Channel Amp Install: $95.00 (Wire Kit not included, sold separately)

  • Capacitor Install: $35.00 (At the time of Amp Install)

  • Satellite Radio Install: $60.00 for custom mount & hard wire. $35.00 for basic mount.

  • Factory AUX In: $35.00 for direct connect.

  • Trouble Shooting: 1st Half Hour $20.00. Following hour(s) are charged as hourly labor.


  • Basic Audio/Video Deck Install: $65.00 & up

  • Drop Down (Ceiling Mount) DVD Player: $185.00 (Parts not included, sold separately)

  • Audio AUX Input: $50.00 & up (if unit has it available)

  • Move Heat/AC Controls: $50.00 - $150.00 & up (Unique to Vehicle)

  • Head Rest Screens: $150.00 per screen (Cut In). $65.00 per screen (Direct Replacement of Head Rest). (Parts Sold Separately)

Security/Remote Start:

  • Keyless Entry Install: $75.00 With Factory Locks

  • Alarm/Keyless Install: $95.00 (Additional Labor Charge for Added Convenience Features)

  • Door Actuator Install: $40.00 & up (Per Door)

  • Trunk Pop Install: $25.00 With Factory Motor

  • Remote Start Install: $100.00 & Up

  • Remote Start/Keyless Entry Install: $150.00 & Up

  • Transponder Bypass: $45.00

  • Motion Sensor Install: $35.00 Per Install

  • Heated Seat install:$75.00 Per install 

*Two Year Guarantee on Labor*
*One Year Warranty on Parts*
*Some Vehicles May Require Custom Labor Charge*
*Prices & Availability May Vary Per Vehicle*
*All Prices DO NOT Include Parts & Are Basic Labor Prices*




I got a quote from other car audio stores in the valley and they were all double the price that Kim gave me for my new cd/dvd player. He installed a nice looking deck with two headrest monitors and it looks and works great. -  Curtis Salmon

All my 16 year old wanted for Christmas this year was for her car stereo to work. We had tried to figure it out on our own without any luck. I was worried that we might have an expensive fix on our hands so I started early at trying to get someone to take a look at it. I had zero experience with car audio businesses in Salt Lake so I was quite worried that I would get over charged for the repairs. I did a basic internet search and called up KS audio. He got me in right away and within less than an hour, my daughters stereo was working and he also fixed her bad wiring to the battery for free. He only charged me $35 so I tipped him for the battery wire repair. He explained where the problem was and told me about his diagnostics on other issues the car was having. He was approachable, professional, and knowledgeable about cars. I will definitely go back for any future car audio needs. Thanks! Very happy that my daughter got her Christmas present so cheap! -  Kendall King  

Really enjoy working with Kim. I dropped my Jeep off at his workshop on my way to work, and he happily drove me to work and offered to pick me up later. He was in touch throughout the day to let me know how the project was coming along and to offer suggestions. In the end he cleaned up the sloppy install and loose wires from the previous owner, and made recommendations for an inexpensive audio upgrade in the future. His prices are fair, work is solid, and is easy to work with. -  Josh Marans

I had a really good experience with Kim when I brought my car to him for a new stereo with AUX. His quote was way less than other shops I contacted around Salt Lake and Utah County. He did the work in only about 30 minutes. The new stereo works well, and Kim also offers warranty on it and his labor. Highly recommended. -  Phong Pham

I was a little hesitant at first because it was unlike dealing with a normal retail store but Kim (who operates out of the garage at his residence) certainly knows his business and is a person to be trusted. He installed a car stereo purchased off of Best Buy for a very reasonable charge even letting me know in advance what kit I needed to purchase on Amazon to fit my Toyota. During the installation he discovered that a part was missing out of the radio package and went out of his way to contact all parties involved to try to resolve the situation. Eventually he found the part for me to order on Amazon and which he later installed for free. A side note: he does sell new car audio components at reasonable prices which is the route I should have gone in the first place!  -Craig Ringgenberg 

Working with Kim was an amazing experience. I went to him after I had an awful experience with someone else I hired to install my sub and amp, they ended up blowing up my fuses, cutting a wire and caused damage to my Mazda3 which affected the electrical system inside! :(
I made an appointment with Kim and he made everything right. He was ready for me when I arrived to drop off my car, he listened to everything I had to say, and most importantly he installed my sub/amp correctly AND fixed the other stuff that was affected from the previous 'job'. Kim was very honest with me, he was willing to diagnose and start over with the installation, and he fixed everything for me (including replacing fuses) at a VERY reasonable price.
I realize he charged me only a fraction of the price I would've paid if I had gone to the dealer or some mechanic for the electrical part. My only regret is not going to KS Audio first. I recommend KS audio to everyone, I will come back for anything else I need.
Thanks Kim! -  Nellie Diaz

KS Audio is by far the best. I totally recomend these guys. The price is right and the work is quality. I lost the keys to my car and remote. Kim Hertig was able to order me the same alarm system components and install them for me charging me an affordable price. The Dodge Dealership was going to charge me 3 times as much but thankfully KS Audio came to the rescue. I also dont drive my car much so the alarm tends to kill my battery and Kim was able to install a solar unit to my car to trigger energy to the battery so my alarm does not drain my battery every 2 weeks. He was able to identify the problem and fix my issue for a great price! Definitely the guys I recommend and will always go to for any car related issue or installation! - Bryan Iwuji